Avebury is older than Stonehenge

Avebury older than Stonehenge

One of the most mysterious prehistoric monuments — Stonehenge — was about 800 years younger than his neighbor Avebury. According to radiocarbon analysis, this iconic object of the Neolithic period were built 5300 years ago. But was he not a cromlech, and the wooden fence. UNESCO world heritage stone megalithic construction of Stonehenge is not the only one in these parts. Consisting of megalithic tombs and temples of the cult object of Avebury is located in Wiltshire just 37 kilometers from Stonehenge, near the eponymous English village. This monument speak and write less than you do about Stonehenge, although fans are well aware of it. By the way, in the list of UNESCO it brought along with Stonehenge in 1986. The whole landscape around Stonehenge consists of barrows without graves that alternate are astronomically oriented ditches and other structures designed, apparently, for ritual purposes. In the nearby Neolithic settlement of Durrington-walls, archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar and magnetometers detected a series of hundreds of stone blocks. Megaliths height of four feet hiding under the ground about four and a half thousand years. This kind of “superlauncher”. On a hill near Avebury towering 40-metre-high hill of conical shape with gentle slopes. In the terminology of the archaeologists is a long barrow. At the Eastern end of the West Kenneth burial chamber is 12 feet in length, which is approximately five and a half thousand years. Inside the burial mound they found the remains of 46 people, including children, as well as ceramics, ornaments and food debris is probably destined for some sort of ritual. It is possible that for several years, and maybe longer, the burial mound of West Kennet put the dead. Using the latest advances in radiocarbon Dating, scientists have once again explored in Avebury no multi-ton megaliths stones or the alley of menhirs, and the remains of once wooden palisade, now representing a number of charred embers. Presumably, the wooden structure was burnt during religious ceremonies. For such a fiery extravaganza originally intended this “eurostudent”. “It’s too broad a territory to be just a fenced place; it must be the fence of a place for ceremonies, said in an interview with Live Science study co-author, archaeologist Alex Bayliss. — It’s not something we ever found in the history of prehistoric Britain.” These structures of wood in Avebury was discovered during the laying of the pipeline in the 1960-1970-ies. The circles are located about 37 kilometers from the mysterious stone circle at Stonehenge. In the late 1980-ies the University of Cardiff archaeologist Alasdair whittle spent on this small area of the excavations. Together with colleagues, he found the charred remains of two impressive, clinging to each other laps, covering a circumference of about four kilometers. The largest of the circles has a diameter of about 250 meters. “They look like a couple of points: between them there are two circles with a small space,” says Bayliss. Mystery, covered with stone: Avebury older than Stonehenge Erected in the vicinity of the mound West, Kenneth “fence” turned out to be 800 years older than previously thought. This monument has appeared in the most dark ages of British history, and the more valuable are any archaeological finds, because there are at least some artifacts of the period. According to experts, they are relatively much available for 700 years before and 700 years after that, but between these two time intervals they have absolutely nothing. If accurate new Dating, the area around Stonehenge and Avebury must have had great ritual significance for locals for almost a Millennium before the creation of the famous stone circles. This is evidenced located near two newly dated circles the mound. Long barrow the West Kennet was built around 400 years before Stonehenge. Near the garden, the archaeologists also found remains of a primitive settlement Dating from about 2500 BC. In some ways, this place is the same age as Stonehenge. Located just a few hundred yards from him the mysterious hill, Salisbury hill was also created in this period; perhaps the inhabitants of this settlement. Source
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