Ketveriuke a robot musician that plays music of his own composition

Increasingly, robots “learn” the profession, the development of which, it would seem that there is no need. And not so long ago researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology presented a new model of robot musician with four hands. Most interesting in this development that the robot plays music of his own composition, using artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning. So, meet: Shimon.

The robot Shimon represents, so to speak, firing pin, but instead of two hands he has four that allows you to perform more complex melodies. During the initial learning process, the scientists gave the robot to “listen” more than 5 thousand musical compositions from Beethoven and Bach to the Beatles and Lady Gaga. In addition, the system taught the basic chords, notes and more than two million individual musical fragments.

Early in his “career” the robot was able to “invent” only monophonic melodies, but over time, compositions became more complex, consisting of a sequence of different chords and transitions between them. In the preparation of each new song AI system of the robot immediately makes the whole picture of the finished piece and performs it in stages until you get an acceptable result. Having defined the main parameters of the initial data, the robot is just a lot of options for their future works and selects from them the most harmonious.

In the future, the researchers plan to further develop the creative abilities of the robot. Scientists plan to change a little AT the robot, and “feed” him more compositions in order to further improve the final quality of the tunes. Some of the songs performed by robot-musician as well as an interview with one of the developers you can see in the video series below.

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