New icons in England


Last anomalous news

The anomalous zone of the Rostov region

Base or alien craft discovered on the moon

Wooden Stonhenge Europe

Ancient lake Mars was habitable

The aliens are watching us

Artificial intelligence will save crops

As the aliens will be able to contact us

Cosmologists have questioned the discovery of gravitational waves

Forensics of the future

Better weapons for a zombie Apocalypse

Found ten new twins of the Earth

New icons of England

The pyramid found on the moon

The ghosts of the killer Australian track

Solved past colliding black holes

Russia will flourish after 2020

Scenarios of the emergence of alien civilizations

The mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea

The Aztec temple found in Mexico city

These magic cats

Disc-shaped UFO accidentally caught in the frame on the moon

People will not live beyond Earth a second

The first goal hunter of exoplanets

Demon possession in Russia

Showed the Martian humanoid robot

Why is my silver cloud

Will the solar flares to the Apocalypse

Ghosts returned to the Museum of Orenburg

Transparent triangular UFO in Gloucestershire

The hottest of all exoplanets

Glowing tube filled coast of the United States

We’ll soon know all about parallel Universes

Events that scientists hide from people

Stavropoltsev surprised by the unusual rainbow

Strange ice icicles sailed over England

The United States conducted experiments on aliens

Amazing star Tabi

Finnish and Tatar witchcraft in Russia

The damn dining room in the Romanov farmstead

Avebury older than Stonehenge

The universe could not be born without the Big Bang

The main weapon of the XXI century will be the artificial intelligence

The aliens tapped into a Direct line with Putin

We will look for life on extrasolar planets

A stone circle found on Mars

Chinese scientists have set a record range teleportation

Legends and mystical history of Simferopol

MAG Sheps confessed to feelings for the witch Ilona Novoselova

Mysticism and reality and magical instruments of the past

On the planets of the Solar system is warming

The UFO flew in for the graduation

A huge crab found on Mars

Ornament Shigir idol carved by incisors of the beaver

The haunting of castle Niedzica

Ghosts and dead city of Mine

The cursed doll turns his head and blinks and says

The couple feed on the energy of the Universe

The hacker has issued a NASA secrets about alien technology

The surgeon will hold the world’s first transplant surgery of the head

What aliens do on Earth orbit

Meeting with the alien in Estonia

Invasion of the reptilians

Double exoplanet confused with a brown dwarf

Mysterious dreams

Mysterious rockfalls in California

Collective AI surpassed human Pac-Man

Red sprites appeared over the English channel

Billionaires preparing for an apocalyptic event

Found the elixir of youth for the future

Unusual poltergeist in Germany

Found a secret part of the manuscript of the First temple

Estimate the number of exoplanets in our Galaxy

REN TV will rewrite history of mankind

Soon the Sun will cool down and come to an End

Amazing Ghost Valley

Specified the location of the eighth wonder of the world

Photos of summer Titanium

Black figure with yellow eyes scared the citizens of Oklahoma

Black changing the shape and size of the UFO over California

Shamans prayed for peace between USA and North Korea

Apocalyptic cloud scared the Swedes

Version of the creation and use of the Crimean megaliths

For the first time measured the diameter of the bagel black holes

Mysterious pyramid of Cestius

Artificial intelligence will create plants

Looking for a babysitter in a haunted house

Lunar soil is deadly

A new map of the mysterious Death Star

Where did the recent traces of water on Mars

Why are the aliens afraid of people

The predictions of science fiction became reality

Professor warns of imminent end

Previously the Sun had a companion

Traces of Bigfoot in the reserves of Texas

Died Of Ilona Novoselova. Details of death

Ufologist Scott Waring tied

Ufologists found a city on the moon

The facts about the deceased psychics Ilona Novoselova

Psychic Acqui commented on the death of Ilona Novoselova

Psychic Ilona Novoselova predicted his own death

The doctors removed from the stomach of a patient giant anomaly

The extinct thylacine is back in the camera

Band of clouds found on Pluto

Two new satellites have discovered the Jupiter

Why do we need dreams

The control and management of the climate today

A glacial period or climate weapon

The exoplanet go stone rain

Discovered atmosphere at earth-like exoplanets

The fishermen caught the Dolphin with two heads

Elder Anthony foretold a terrible future of humanity

Strange radiostorm on Jupiter

The script of the Apocalypse as a result of solar flares

Mysterious sundog appeared over the station Neumeier 3

Trumpet of the Apocalypse sounded over Patagonia

A photo with the spaceship on Mars disappeared from the NASA website

The extraordinary plenary session of the Bilderberg club

What are the feelings of the dying person

Psychic Ilona Novoselova committed suicide

Psychic cancels the Apocalypse

Where to look for ghosts and make a wish in St. Petersburg

The virgin Mary appeared at the appointed time

Spirits of Krevo castle

A mysterious chain of galaxies

Artificial intelligence has learned to recognize speech among noise

The artificial language will distinguish whiskey from moonshine

Male paumalu a frog the size of a dog

The passport of the Maltese order

Plasma balls or sun glare

The Ghost of Kossovo Palace

The phantom of the Golshany castle

The Ghost of Smolyan castle

Ghosts of the Mir castle

Bizarre exoplanets

Various conspiracy theories

Rocket motor found on the moon

To decipher the message of the aliens will be social networks

The sun in ancient times was a huge

The conditions on the planets of the system TRAPPIST-1 suboptimal

Sheps psychic made a prediction about the future of Ukraine

In the US the name of Elmer Sherwin is the same as the word for luck

You like slot machines

The world of slot games is no surprise

You are passionate about slot machines

Apocalyptic clouds over North Dakota

Extraterrestrial life will find in 10-15 years

People fly around invisible UFO

Mysterious lake in Argentina

Earth unlike himself

How to clean your house from negative energy

What a Slavic spirit, the sign of the Zodiac

Silkscreens, healers and soothsayers

Moai reveal their secrets

Found an ancient drill age 7500 years

UFO in North Ossetia

UFO hovered over the Ryazan

Has discovered two new gas exoplanets

Discovered an unusual binary system

The first space nation Asgardia

Why mass killing hunters UFO

Predicted the great future of Russia

The most extreme exoplanets

The oldest living organism on the planet

Terraformation of Mars will allow to colonize the planet

Crazy theories about the moon and other planets

Water can not be boiled twice

Have a formula of biological age

Horoscope Mayan. Character by date of birth

Two UFOs at the resort in the South of England

Ancient tomb discovered in Northern Egypt

Another Martian lizard

Human life can be programmed

The invaders-insectoids will not survive on Earth

Celebrities abducted by aliens

The researcher compared and Vyatka Kuzbass Yeti

Crystal Krutoyar holds the secrets of space aliens

Found traces of ancient water on Mars

Incredible facts about seas and oceans

New theory of formation of planets in the system are TRAPPIST-1

Under the stone blocks of Baalbek hiding something incredible

The robot Sophia had promised to spare the people

The most amazing exoplanets

Cigar-shaped UFO orbiting the Earth

Jupiter broke many planets in the Solar system

All the planets in the system TRAPPIST-1 similar to Earth

Giant underground ocean Land

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