ISS has launched the first flexible solar panel

Typically, solar panels are a rigid structurecomposed of numerous photovoltaic modules. The us space Agency NASA last Sunday spent in earth orbit the first of its kind experiment: using the manipulator Canadarm-2 on the International space station was deployed experimental flexible solar panel model ROSA.

Bar ROSA all resembles a giant scroll, hanging scroll, neither more nor less than 325 pounds. But even with such an impressive weight of the flexible panel 20% lighter than traditional rigid solar panels. The deployment of photovoltaic panels is due to the fact that the two guides stranded on Earth, when heated by solar light take their original form, and unfold the cloth. The mechanism is not used, no additional actuators or motors.

Below you can watch a video of the experiment. To save you time, NASA has accelerated the deployment process three times. New photovoltaic panels will work on the ISS during the week, so researchers could evaluate its effectiveness and endurance to the extremely inhospitable conditions of space.

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