Concern “Kalashnikov” began serial production of the new drone

Miniature unmanned reconnaissance ZALA 421-16Е2 was in development for two years, and now, finally, it began to ship the first customers. Aircraft type aircraft designed for active target designation, reconnaissance and fire adjustment. In addition, it can be used for photo and video shooting with a fairly impressive distance.

The device weighs a little more than seven pounds, allowing you to run it directly from the hands, without applying for its acceleration and implementation of special takeoff catapults. It can fly up to four hours, while he does not need a satellite navigation system — the device is well-versed with the help of the installed on-Board sensors.

ZALA is controlled by the controller interacting with the UAV via a secure communication channel, making it virtually impossible to intercept the device by the enemy. To land the UAV can use the parachute by means of an air shock absorber that provides the device a soft landing.

The press service of the concern “Kalashnikov” notes that the device can be useful not only to the military, intelligence agencies and the MOE — among customers, who have already begun to receive their ZALA 421-16Е2 for pre-order, includes not only state, but also commercial structures.

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