China invited Roskosmos to take part in the project of a new space station

The head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov said on Monday that China has offered the state Corporation to participate in the development of the space station. While Russia has not adopted a specific decision, but negotiations are already underway.

French air show in Le Bourget Komarov met with reporters and said that now, China and the Russian state Corporation exchanging proposals on joint implementation of various projects, including discussing working together on a Chinese space station. However, the Chinese side has its own vision of the future of his station, therefore about concrete arrangements to speak while early.

China national space administration expects to finish construction of the station already by 2022 and States that the project will most likely become international, and this means that the participation of Russian specialists in the work on the station is very possible in the near future.

In 2018, China plans to deploy in orbit of the Earth the main module of his station, and yet is content with a cosmic laboratory “heavenly Palace-2,” which now hosts a variety of experiments. Also on the basis of tested technologies that can be useful for the new space station.

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