Microsoft artificial intelligence has surpassed human in a video game

Video games over the past decade became one of the favorite ways of spending free time. Can artificial intelligence play better than humans? Maybe even four times better, as the results of testing by Microsoft of artificial intelligence. But, of course, the example was taken one particular game that saves considerable popularity even after more than three decades after its debut.

Microsoft researchers are testing artificial intelligence and machine learning artificial intelligence system. During testing, artificial intelligence has demonstrated its ability to achieve the theoretical maximum points in the game Ms. Pac-Man, adapted for the historic game consoles the Atari 2600. No one person, a similar result was not achieved. The record was set by artificial intelligence after more than 34 years after the release of the game, which was released in 1982.

Consider artificial intelligence was developed by startup Maluuba purchased awarding of software giant Microsoft earlier in the year 2017. It tests the type of machine learning is called “reinforcement learning”.

If you try the most simply describe the method, we are talking about what created approximately 150 artificial intelligences, which come into play, focusing on individual goals, such as finding the nearest object is required or avoiding the ghosts. The solutions they are combined and then controlled by artificial intelligence of a higher level, which perceives these decisions as tips, and makes them the best choice possible in a particular situation.

Artificial intelligence will be like a balanced decision-making, evaluating their effectiveness. For example, if in this case, the touch of ghosts leads to failure, even if 100 artificial intelligences talking about the need to move to the right and “swallow” another bonus, despite approaching a Ghost, and only three suggest not to do it, their Council is still a priority.

As a result of such artificial intelligence has been able to gain the maximum 999 990 points. The researchers say that this is the maximum that is ever achieved in the game Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. Moreover, it is four times the record set by the man who made 211 480 points.

Game Ms. Pac-Man could be chosen for the reason that the behavior of the ghosts in it is more complex and less predictable than in regular Pac-Man. However, the reason why preference was given to this console version is not specified.

What practical results can lead this study? The researchers believe that their methodology can help sales professionals. It can also find a use in natural language processing.

Are you surprised about the ability of artificial intelligence to surpass human in a video game?


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