Ancient lake Mars was inhabited

Ancient lake Mars was habitable

Curiosity is not the first year explores the mysterious Gale crater, which, apparently, billions of years ago was a lake suitable habitat for organic life. Over the past five years, the Curiosity Rover along and across the investigated impact crater Gale, trying to find signs of life. It turned out that the crater was not always a pit filled with sand and dust. For 700 million years between 3.8 to 3.1 billion years ago, it contained an ancient lake. Curiosity used the mount sharp, located in the center of the crater to study sediments and thus to learn the history of Martian lakes. Analysis of the rock allowed scientists to suggest that with time in water changed the amount of oxygen, and with it the changing climate. Currently, researchers believe that over millions of years the lake was suitable habitat for organic life as we know it on Earth. Even if we don’t find on Mars traces of it, this information still plays a huge role for those who want to read the story of the red planet. Source
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