In Sweden has opened a Museum of failed gadgets

Not every product, even the most revolutionary, the assurance of its creators, able to survive in the fierce market competition. So it turns out that even very advanced gadgets and other electronic devices, flash and quickly fade away in the market, and just a couple of years about them no one remembers. Samuel West was opened in the Swedish city of Helsingborg to the unique Museum, where are exhibited the most interesting, in his view, the devices that in his time “taking a shot”. He did manage to bring to life the real journey into the past.

The first portable Apple Newton, bulky Communicator TeleGuide, a huge number of various smartphones, which failed to become the “iPhone killers” glasses Google Glass, Microsoft Zune player, Nintendo Virtual Boy, disposable DVDs that become unusable after the first viewing, the mask Rejuvenique Tonning Mask that uses electrical discharges for the facelift. All of these devices at the time it seemed incredibly attractive and interesting, but for one reason or another never won the hearts of consumers and eventually left neglected on the sidelines of the market.

The Museum presents not only gadgets, but also products such as, for example, Board games like “Monopoly”, based on the business Empire of Donald trump bike, almost completely made of plastic, and even futuristic automobile manufactured by the Ford. Here you will find a variety of foods like, “green ketchup” Heinz or low-fat Pringles potato chips. Toothpaste with the taste of lasagna are unlikely to be able to catch the fancy of buyers, like Coca-Cola BlāK with coffee flavor. We offer you to watch a video in which the founder of the Museum tells about some of his exhibits.

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