In Germany, began excavations at the burial site of the Amber room

In the German region of Thuringia archaeologists began excavations at the alleged burial place of the Amber room, according to the newspaper Thuringer Allgemeine. Earthworks are underway at the foot of mount Constain, near the town of Nordhausen.


In this area during the Third Reich operated a secret underground plant “Mittelwerk” for the Assembly of missiles, which used the labor of prisoners of concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora. It is the evidence of the surviving prisoners prompted the researchers to start looking in this place.

As written by another German newspaper, one of them said that in April 1945, saw the soldiers of the Wehrmacht were buried under the ground in large containers. It is assumed that they could be hidden fragments of the Amber room removed from Konigsberg in the last months of the war.

In addition, earlier archaeologists from Poland said that the Amber room could be hidden near the castle of the city of Pasłęk. To such conclusions experts came after the study site using ground penetrating radars and scanners. The beginning of the excavations in the Polish lands is planned for the summer of this year.

German troops stole from the Palace at Tsarskoye Selo in 1941 and transported it to Konigsberg. The amber panels were placed in the Royal castle in the capital of East Prussia, and during the retreat of the Wehrmacht in the spring of 1945, the room disappeared. Possible places of burial for the lost treasure called the Kaliningrad oblast, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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