High rates of cryptocurrencies has led to a shortage of graphics cards

Rapid rise in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum observed in recent months, has caused widespread interest in their production — mining. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, referring to the information officer of a Bank, now in Russia there are tens of thousands of miners, that in 5-7 times more than at the beginning of 2017. Accordingly, the increased demand for video cards that are suitable for mathematical calculations carried out during the production of cryptowall.

As told to “Vedomosti” representatives of several computer stores in Moscow, some buyers take from 200-300 of these graphics cards, causing them over the last month and a half has risen, on average, twice: models, more recently, cost 16000-18000 rubles, now sold a minimum of 30,000 rubles. But even at that price to buy them is very difficult, as in the capital due to excessive demand top graphics cards were in short supply — their delivery will have to wait a week to ten days.

We will remind that from the end of March this year, the most popular digital currency — bitcoin — has increased more than 300 %, establishing in June a new record — $3,000 per 1 BTC. Even more dramatically increased the price of Ethereum — just over a month, the cryptocurrency rose against the U.S. dollar by over 600% and is trading now around $350.


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