Crop circle formation in Carmen de Areco, Argentina

Mysterious circles on the grass, according to one data, arose on March 11, on the other March 13, 2017

They appeared in the field, on the edge of Highway 7 in Carmen de Areco, in Argentina.

Circles are somewhat different from the classical circles in cultural agricultural fields.

There are no bent corn, there is a strange appearance of dried yellow grass, although the rest of the field is green.

Probably the impact of some energy directed by an intelligent force, that is, it is not a natural origin.

In addition to the versions of UFO landings, We think that this may be residual traces of the impact of teleports on plant organisms.

Interesting observations and research of the geolines of the appearance of geoglyphs of circles on plant cultures.


13 march 2017

The commotion began with the appearance of three giant circles, which have exactly the same measures, and which were discovered in the last hours in a land located on the side of Route 7. Due to the uncertainty that was generated in the area, From the municipality called Andrea Pérez Simondini, President of the Study Group on the OVNI Phenomenon of the Argentine Republic (CEFORA), which is dedicated to investigate and declassify aerial phenomena.

The three circles have the same measures, according to the testimony of some people, one of them would have already seen a week ago, but have not witnessed a whale. As for the remaining two, the marks would have been generated during these last days but being much more visible in this Saturday. Nevertheless, it considers that the manifestations in this property possess some patterns that fit within the phenomenon UFO.

It is likely that the circles appeared, from direct energy radiation. The grass looks dried and yellow, while the rest of the grass outside the circles is green.

Perhaps there was some impact from the UFO that could appear here for a while.



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