Swastika Stone Rock Art in Yorkshire

Site Name: Swastika Stone Alternative Name: Rombalds Moor 53

Country: England County: Yorkshire (West) Type: Rock Art
Nearest Town: Ilkley
Latitude: 53.918697N Longitude: 1.856082W

Rock Art in West Yorkshire. The swastika motif is now badly worn, but is still possible to see a cross of cups, five by five, surrounded by four curved arms. The right hand one ending in a loop and cup mark

Thought to be one of the younger carvings on the moor dating from the end of the Bronze Age, possibly Iron Age.

The design is marked on an outcrop, now surrounded by and iron fence. In front of the original carving is a 20th Century replica.

Old drawing of the stone from “Journal of British Archaeology” via archive.org

Clear image of the swastika, and a similar symbol in Sweden, from “Journal of British Archaeology”


Swastika Stone Rock Art in Yorkshire

Posted by Xissufotoday on Thursday, January 5, 2017