Siberian city will disappear from the Earth in 30 years

Russian cities will disappear in 30 years, according to a new study. The reason for the destruction of buildings will decrease the bearing capacity of the rocks in the zone of permafrost due to global warming.

zone of permafrost
Permafrost covers 60% of the territory of Russia

According to the Russian-American team of scientists, irreversible changes will come into effect in 2050, and the first to feel the impact of climate change Salekhard and Anadyr. There constructions will be deformed and to settle as early as 2020. Yakutsk and Norilsk are lucky a little more – there will be unable to hold the ground of the building by 2040.

Scientists, however, believe that the disaster can be avoided. To do this, in the construction of residential and industrial facilities should take into account the melting of permafrost. According to the most optimistic forecasts, the soil bearing capacity in Eastern Siberia will fall by 25%, according to the most pessimistic – 95%.
Permafrost covers 60% of the territory of Russia and most of the Eastern Siberia, where the soil is not warmed above 0 degrees Celsius. Ground water in the permafrost zone are in the form of ice.

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