Remains of Soviet technology

What once were the symbols of Russia’s Cold War military might, now are abandoned, eerie ghosts in the snow.

1. Airplane – amphibia with vertical take-off VVA14. The USSR built only two of them in 1976, one of which has crashed during transportation. Russia, Moscow area, 2013

From photographer Danila Tkachenko

If everything is covered with snow it for artistic effect …

These stunning images are part of the Restricted Areas, the photo project by Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko, which shows lost remnants of the USSR’s material and technology programmes.

Pumpjacks on a spent oil field. Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, 2014


Former mining town which has been closed and made a bombing trial field. The building on the photo shows the cultural center, one of the objects for bombing. Russia, Komi Republic, 2014


Screen for biological defence against radar radiation. Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, 2015


Deserted observatory. Kazakhstan, Almaty region, 2015


Former residential buildings in a deserted polar scientific town specialised on biological research. Russia, Komi Republic, 2014
Former military base on an island, with an underground bunker. Russia, Leningrad region, 2013

The world’s largest diesel submarine. Russia, Samara region, 2013


Test bench for missiles. Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda Region, 2015


Landmark in the area of test underground explosions. Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Region, 2015
Antenna built for interplanetary connection. The Soviet Union was planning to build bases on other planets, and prepared facilities for connection which were never used and are deserted now. Russia, Arkhangelsk region, 2013
Secret city Chelyabinsk-40, which was not marked on the maps until 1994. The first Soviet nuclear bomb was created there. In 1964 there was the first nuclear catastrophe, one of the largest in history and equal in scale to Chernobyl. It stayed secret thanks to the fact that wind was blowing east. It is still impossible to enter the city unless one has special permission or relatives living there. Russia, Chelyabinsk region, 2013

Stages of the space rockets. Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region, 2013


Headquarters of Communist Party. Bulgaria, Yugoiztochen region, 2015


Water contamination test at the lake around the previously closed scientific city Chelyabinsk-40. In 1957 there was the first nuclear catastrophe, one of the largest in history and equal in scale to Chernobyl, but it stayed secret. The city is surrounded by the lakes which are until now contaminated with radiation. Russia, Chelyabinsk region, 2013
Boiler house of a closed aerodrome. Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, 2015
A city where rocket engines were being produced in Soviet times. Was a closed city until 1992. Russia, Dzerzhinsky city, 2013

Waste storage of rocket fuel. Russia, Republic of Komi, 2014


Hangar at the former firing field for biological weapons. Kazakhstan, Akmola region, 2015
Sarcophagus over a closed shaft which is 4 km deep – was one of the deepest scientific shafts in the world at the time. Russia, Murmansk region, 2013

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Tropospheric antenna in the north of Russia – the type of connection which has become obsolete. There were many of them built in far North, all of them deserted at the moment. Russia, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 2014

Ruins of experimental laser system “ZET”. Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, 2015
Water intake. Russia, Tatarstan republic, 2015
Excavator on a closed quarry. Russia, Moscow region, 2015
Ground station for spacecraft control. Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, 2015
”Bulgaria” ship lifted from underwater, 122 people drowned on it. Russia, Tatarstan republic, 2014
Monument to the Conquerors of Space. The rocket on top was made according to the design of German V-2 missile. Russia, Moscow, 2015
Coal processing plant. Russia, Komi Republic, 2014

Scientific storage at far North. Russia, Komi republic, 2014


Deserted observatory located in the area with the best conditions for space observations. Kazakhstan, Almaty region, 2015


Part of an unfinished space port. Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region, 2013


Memorial on a deserted nuclear station. Russia, Voronezh region, 2015


ntenna for interception of signals. Russia, Samara region, 2014

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