ARIANE 5 DEB (SYLDA) Decayed fireball in the sky 7 – 8.01.2017

Space reentry on 7 january 2017
On the map is marked by a circle area of visual observation of burning in the atmosphere.

WARNING: This object is expected to decay around Sat, 07/01/2017 23:51:00 +/- 16 hours UTC (these predictions are provided by Joseph Remis).

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It is very large SATELLITE DEBRIS

Size RCS: 13.246 m2 (large)

Launch date: August 14, 2007
Source: France (FR)

Track in real time until the end of

The observers from Colombia, Venezuela and northern Brazil, prepare and place the photo and video cameras.

A large fireball in the sky 7 or 8 January 2016. The source of this fireball is not a meteor. Space junk, the debris from the past launch of the satellite.

(space junk) Flys Over Utah

Los observadores de Colombia, Venezuela y el norte de Brasil, se preparan y colocan las cámaras fotográficas y de vídeo.

Un gran meteorito en el cielo 7 u 8 de enero de 2016. La fuente de esta bola de fuego no es un meteoro. Este descenso de desechos espaciales en órbita los restos de la última lanzamiento del satélite.

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