The analogue of the Patom crater in England

Site Name: Little Skirtful of Stones
Country: England County: Yorkshire (West) Type: Ring Cairn

A large ringcairn in West Yorkshire that appears to have been partially robbed, judging by the large depression in the top and spread of scattered cobble stones. The visible area of stones is about 15 metres.

53.902693 -1.790997

Similar mounds made to different tapered and circular megalithic structures sometimes with the cameras inside. Sometimes marked mass graves.

At the center of this Ring Cairn we have dug place and visible soil, maybe it’s evidence of looting in the past, or if anything in it is not hiding. Perhaps it was the original idea of ​​architects.

The Little Skirtful of Stones, looking SE towards Lower Lanshaw Dam. This cairn has a diameter of about 19 meters & reaches a height of 2 meters.

Similar mounds of thousands in Europe, a bit like Patom crater maybe Patom crater in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the Siberian wilderness, too, it was a kind of unique for Russia megalithic structures, only very heavy stones.

Under a pile of stones in England apparently common ground, it remains a mystery purpose of this facility.

Image: Little Skirtful of Stones submitted by Rich32

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