Who Put This 2-Mile Long Drawing in the Australian Desert?

This giant humanoid figure is visible from space, but no one is sure just who put it there.

The Marree Man, or Stuart’s Giant, is a modern geoglyph discovered by air on 26 June 1998. It appears to depict an indigenous Australian man hunting with a boomerang or stick. It lies on a plateau at Finnis Springs 60 km (36 mi) west of the township of Marree in central South Australia.

Marree Man


Trec Smith, a charter pilot flying between Marree and Coober Pedy in the remote north of South Australia spotted the figure from the air on 26 June 1998. The discovery of the geoglyph fascinated Australians due to its size and the mystery surrounding how it came to be there. At the time of the discovery there was only one track entering and one track exiting the site and no footprints or tyre marks were discernible.

Shane Anderson from the William Creek Hotel, located 200 kilometres (120 mi) north-west of the town of Marree claimed the hotel received an anonymous fax describing the location of the artwork, but they ignored it, dismissing the fax as a joke.

Although we may never know the true origin of the Marree Man, it is certainly one of most intriguing modern-day mysteries. The site is not accessible to the public, but flyovers across the area are permitted

The Marree Man restoration progress. video link

The re-emergence of South Australia’s mysterious Marree Man has been hailed as a tourism boost for the state’s far north.

But a determined group of mates has used imaging data and a grader to bring him back.

“We could see it was fading rapidly and, from a tourism perspective, to lose such an extraordinary myth and mystery would be a tragedy,” the Marree Hotel co-owner Phil Turner said.

The group collaborated with the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation, and compiled imaging data to ensure they were retracing the original.

“Then it came to, ‘What do we use as a paintbrush to restore this work of art’? And we came to a grader,” Turner said.

He expected a 10 per cent increase in overnight stays to inject millions into the far north.


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