Vat Phou or Wat Phu temple-mountain in southern Laos

Wat Phu (meaning ‘mountain temple’), is situated on a hillside and offers stunning views over the surrounding land and Mekong River.

Khmer Hindu temple complex in southern Laos

Vat Phou was initially associated with the city of Shrestapura: which lay on the bank of the Mekong directly east of Lingaparvata Mountain (now called Phou Khao).

A plan of Vat Phou: proportions and positions are approximate.

By the latter part of the fifth century, the city was already the capital of a kingdom that texts and inscriptions connect with both the Chenla Kingdom and Champa and the first structure on the mountain was constructed around this time.

Vat Phou or Wat Phu temple-mountain in southern Laos

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The mountain gained spiritual importance from the lingam-shaped protuberance on its summit; the mountain itself was therefore considered the home of Shiva, and the river as representing the ocean or the Ganges. The temple was naturally dedicated to Shiva, while the water from the spring which emerges directly behind the temple was considered sacred.

This complex is not fully understood, continuing archaeological excavations in the area.
Many ruins such as the pyramid complex at the foot of the mountain is hidden jungle and covered with with soil.

360 Panoramic shot of the figures in stone, stands out the crocodile.

The Mysterious Crocodile imprint.Wat Phu Champasak, Laos – part 1/3360° photo, explore all around, see the twin snake…

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