An unidentified object entered the earth’s atmosphere from space

A resident of Sweden XTOYOX, filmed on a smartphone as a very bright object slowly flying high in the sky.

day tme, fireball meteor, sweden europe
Daytime meteor over Sweden.

It can be noted increase in light intensity to the complete disappearance of the mind.

So usually burn up meteoroids in the atmosphere, or a similar occurs when the spacecraft enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

Date of sighting:  December 24, 2016

The duration of the video more than 20 seconds.
Before the witness turned on his camera it took another 5 seconds.

Overall, about 25 seconds, at least, object very slowly at a speed of 5 kilometers per second entered the dense layers of the atmosphere on a parabolic trajectory.

The brightness of the object can be estimated magnitude – 20. That is twice as bright as the full moon.

As for the size of it is difficult to judge, it all depends on the focus lens mm of video camera, a different focus distance F/* differently distorts space.

The object is clearly larger of the spacecraft Soyuz.

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