The City of Lights

This is to good not to share. This was submitted thru our Facebook page and thought why not share it here.  

We Tow Alien Experience: “I was in St Pete Florida in 1977 as a child of 7 years old I was taken aboard a craft that was round by two beings I thought were angels. It was a male and female. They had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore white roads. I was terrified at first and even still have nightmares about the feeling of terror being taken up into the air with them into the craft. After I was inside they were talking to each other in thoughts but I could not understand them even though I heard the thoughts. They were kinda arguing and using a star map hologram thing with their fingers. Then they put me in a clear shaped egg pod and shot me through space. I remember the streaks of light going past me and then there was nothing.

I next remember being taken by the hand by the male and we were in an observation tower that was clear and round. It overlooked the MOST BEAUTIFUL city that I called “The City of Light” because it shined upwards. The buildings were made from quartz crystal. I was told they made their own energy from the weight and they were super strong. All the energy from people walking and doors sliding and EVERYTHING was re-captured and taken into the base of the giant quartz buildings to be reused. They had transparent walkways very high where people with white robes were going between buildings. There was such joy and peace and they had a river running around the city and down through the middle with green mountains in the background. The man, who looked like an older teen really, told me I was to remember everything I saw and share it with others, and that Earth was supposed to be like this place. Something went wrong though and messed up the plans. But it was not too late and we could have our own City like this if we worked together to make it. I asked if I was in Heaven but he said no.

Then I only remember waking up standing outside in the yard and could not get in the house because the door was locked. My dad heard me and yelled at me asking how I got outside. I told him what I saw. He told me never to talk about it, but I told anyone who would listen because I was told to and it was such a wonderful place.

Many years later my niece had a similar experience that freaked out my brother big time. I live away from family and never told my nieces about my experience. She was taken on a ride through the streets of the City of Light. She called it that on her own which triggered my brother to ask me about it. The next time our family got together we were talking about it and my dad started to cry. He said that he also saw that place when he was 7 and thought his whole life it was Heaven because of the beautiful music. My niece lit up and said she heard the music too! I did not because I was up in the tower. But my niece and dad were comparing noted and very excited. My dad insists he saw Heaven, and they both said the streets were pure gold and clear. Anyway, seeing videos on UFOs today just added another confirmation pin to what I know happened in real life and was not just a dream. This is all 100% absolute truth.”

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