The bright object over the lunar surface alleged UFO

This report was submitted to MUFON (case 80949).

Date of sighting:  13 december 2016 Locaton: Corby, Great Britain.

When there is bewitching at first sight phenomenon, it is necessary to doubt.

Ufology is not a religion on the basis of faith, in faith, there are no facts, UFOlogy is a science, and science is based on facts.

What is the bright object over the moon ?, it seems to be very close to the surface of the moon.

Given the time and place of video filming, using Stellarium program I came to the conclusion that it was not a UFO, but a star.


I believe that the witness is not exactly remember the exact time, but even taking the estimated time, in a place where there is allegedly a UFO.

This is of course above the moon at between 4-6am Monday 13th december 2016,very cloudy and even so it was flashing through the cloud… From report

In this place there are many “candidates” of the usual stars, these stars bright enough to be seen so close to the moon.

moon ufos, fakes, hoax
A lot of stars near the moon, after 6 am local time.

video sent to MUFON


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