Strange blue UFO

Unidentified flying object in the night sky and was captured on a color night vision device.

night ufo
caption of ufo

Location of sighting: United Kingdom, the city is unknown.

All digital night vision devices record video in full spectrum.

Picks up excess of ultraviolet and infrared, which is almost not visible on the digital camera with a blocking filter.

The weaker infrared light, in order to become dimmer and redder radiation.

Our vision does not see infrared rays, so that he saw a UFO witness himself, and it was recorded on video night vision are two different things.

Date of publication of the video, the 1st  December 2016.

Date and time stamp can stand still from factory default settings.


Infrared rays can reflect the satellites, because they reflect the sun’s rays.
Just determine what kind of object, not having the time of filming, and the city is difficult.

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