Sad story for dogs and fun for Ukrainians

 injured dog and frozen through, passing trains.
Train passing over injured dog, second dog is next to his wounded friend.

Two days in a row dog was warming and defended his girlfriend on a railway track, which has been injured by train.


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Posted by Денис Малафеев on Sunday, December 25, 2016


Instead of immediately help dogs, people watched as over injured dog and frozen through, passing trains.


Male dog constantly remained near his injured dog female.

Even when approached train, healthy dog lay on the rails under the train next to injured dog.

What hypocrisy, enough capturing the videos, then rescued dogs.

The incident occurred in the village of Tseglovka, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine. On Sunday, December 25

Story posted on his page on facebook by Denis Malafeev. His friends noticed two dogs lying on the tracks, one of them was injured. Later, the man himself arrived on the scene.

dogs lying on the tracks

Together with his friends, they took dogs and took them to the shelter. The Post reports that they are now waiting for their owners.