Russia must be prepared to “turn off from the world Internet access”

Russia must be prepared to “turn off from the world Internet access,” in case of deterioration of relations with the West. This was stated by Advisor to the Russian President on the development of Internet, German Klimenko in an interview to RT, answering the question about the need for regulation of Runet by a special law.

German Klimenko RIA News

“High probability of tectonic shifts” in our relations with the West to the downside. Therefore, our task is – to adjust the Russian segment of of Internet, to protect themselves from such scenarios. It is important that Russia continued to work e-mail, telegraph, telephone, social networks. Critical infrastructure, including a copy of the domain zone must be on our territory, so no one could turn off “- Klimenko said, adding that the bill developed by the Ministry of Communications does not apply to ordinary users.

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