Rare solar phenomenon 15-16 Dec. 2016

Beam of sunlight 16 December 2016 sunset

solar pillar
Image taken during sunset

Rare winter atmospheric effect during sunset. Temperature -30 ° C. The vertical column of light was observed above and below the solar disk.

December 15, 2016
Solar sphere

Solar disk sunset

Painless for the eyes, looked at the Sunset
In winter the sun is much closer to the Earth than in the summer and it is painless for the view, on the sun can be no tearing watch with Zenith, from 12:00 noon.
During summer eye burns, and the sun is farther away in relation to the Earth.

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I think
in the winter, due to the inclination of an axis of Northern Hemisphere solar beam, passes along a tangent across the hemisphere atmosphere diagonally
Way of the sun Ray increases the length of following in the atmosphere in the morning and at sunset, Ray has to overcome a lot more atmospheric gas layers. The path in the atmosphere becomes longer than During summer. Therefore, the radiation intensity decreases for the observer as well as excess radiation present During summer, is retained in the thicker layers of the atmosphere In the winter.

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