Peru’s Sabancaya Volcano Erupts 2016 – 2017

Satellite: Terra (NASA) image 28 dec 2016

Nasa image of volcano

Two volcanoes in close proximity have erupted into life in the Andes, and recent explosive activity at the Sabancaya Volcano has prompted evacuations; the South American country has declared state of emergency.

“All this activity is part of an expected process” said Peruvian Geophysical Institute (IGP) Investigator Orlando Macedo, according to a report by news source Express. “Before the eruption, tremors were occurring closer and closer to the volcano and the crater. However, the process is taking longer than that which we saw at the Ubinas Volcano, when everything happened in a matter of days. In the case of Sabancaya, this could go on for several months.”

Dr. Orlando EfraÍn Macedo Sánchez, Peruvian Geophysical Institute (IGP) Scientific Investigator

In response to the volcanic activity, officials plan to evacuate around 4,000 area residents and their livestock—nearly 30,000 animals including llamas and alpacas—to safer ground 12 miles away.


Sabancaya webcams / live data link