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Barn Owls

Barn Owls

Size: 13-17 inches (33-35 cm) Weight: 10-21oz (275-600g) Migration: Nonmigrant Habitat: Farmland, Marshes, Prairie and Desert

LINK live broadcast of wild barn owls nesting. The owner of this camera has named the male “Hanz” and the female “Didi”.

Barn Owls – Mel & Sydney

Stream link inside box

Stream action outside the owl box

Mel (male) & Sydney (female), are a mating pair of barn owls located in Oceanside, California. The owl box owner is originally from Melbourne, Australia. The box was set up in mid November 2010 and the owls could be seen in the box just two weeks later. This owl box is 16ft above the ground in the owners back yard which is near acres of open wilderness. This provides for plenty of hunting grounds for the owls.



Owls from Houston, MN

Rusty(male) and Iris(female), Are two Great Horned Owls that are unable to live in the wild. Rusty and Iris are both blind in their right eye. Rusty and Iris are still wild owls and can breed.

Stream 1

Stream 2

“House” for owls in the Netherlands link

Barn Owl Trust Nestca link in Cornwall (UK) link 2

Barn Owl webcam from our Blue House Farm nature reserve (North Fambridge) link

Audubon Starr Ranch Web Cams, California USA live link

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