New video, meteor fireball from Observatory Ridge in Spain

On December 11th 2016 evening, the Spanish sky was lit up at 22:25 local time (21:25 UT) thanks to a very bright fireball which magnitude was below that of the full moon (magnitude estimated to -15±2)

meteor bolide

The event was much brighter than the Moon. According to the preliminary calculations, it would have produced a meteorite.

The event was recorded by several fireball and meteor observing stations mainly located in the South of the country (Seville, Granada, Almería).

All the images and information are currently being processed by the Spectroscopy of Meteoroids in the Atmosphere by means of Robotic Technologies project (SMART)

Esta impresionante bola de fuego ha sido grabada el 11 de diciembre a las 22:25 hora local (21:25 UT) sobre España. El evento, que sobrevoló las provincias de Granada y Jaén, pudo ser visto desde la mayor parte del país. De acuerdo con los cálculos preliminares y con los testimonios recibidos, el evento habría dado lugar a un meteorito.

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Vídeo de la página web de Calar Alto con imágenes de la bola de fuego que pasó por Andalucía el 11 de Diciembre


Video by Fernando Gomez


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