Multiple lights UFOs in sky over Buxton, Maine

Sean Mckenna report
fake ufosighting hoax
Multiple lights UFOs in sky over Buxton screen

I apologize for the foul language. I filmed whatever it was this evening facing due west over Buxton, Maine from my rear bedroom window which over looks a pond in my backyard. I opened the window to elminate any reflection. Some have mentioned seeing a “wave effect” in the video resembling distortion similar to filming a TV screen with a cell phone. If you look closely, that is the window screen moving as I pan the phone to follow the lights.
I noticed one single bright light phase in and out of my peripheral. Then I saw a second one a minute later, so I grabbed my phone and caught this. Winds at the time we’re blowing SSW. These were heading east, eliminating Chinese lanterns. It lasted just over a minute. I hurried outside to film them from my front porch but they had already phased out for the most part except for a straggler or two.
FAA/ANG reports rule out drones, night jumping/sky diving, military flares, and a Russian satellite re-entering the atmosphere, which was reported off the coast of Massachusetts, not over Southern, Maine. Wind rules out Chinese lanterns. I suggest doing research to compare videos. YouTube has a plethora of videos for comparison. Search Chinese lanterns, meteors, etc.
I’m not concluding extraterrestrial life. It could have been a undiscovered naturally occurring phenomenon, ball lighting, earth lights, atmoshohere plasma, etc.
Other witnesses have come forward including a neighboring town clerk and an off duty police officer among many others whom also observed the phenomenon. end of report

Location: Buxton, Maine, USA

The video shows that it is the reflection of light inside the room, if you look closely, the lights reflected in the foreground, in front of the trees, the trees can be seen in the dark in the background.

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This is most likely decoration for the Christmas tree.

It’s not even drones with different illumination, here’s an example of what can be done by drones.

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Drones based on Intel technology, and magical world

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