Live Night Sky & Meteor Cam Dec 3 2016

Meteor shower, up to several meters per hour will be seen exactly.

Geminid meteor
Steve Photography December 10, 2015. He caught this Geminid meteor over Lough Talt, a large lake in Ireland, last week.

Scheduled for Dec 3, 2016 by SG StarGazing
Night Sky & Meteor Cam Live from North London UK

Equipment used tonight: Sony A7s, 24mm Cine Lens @T1.5, LGX Extreme Capture Card

When is the best time to watch the Geminids in 2016?

As a general rule, the Geminid meteor shower intensifies after midnight and produces the greatest number of meteors for a few hours, centered around 2 a.m. This year, however, the full moon will not allow for any dark sky for the peak night of the Geminid meteor shower (December 13-14).

Another webcam

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