Large meteor over the Norwegian Sea 6 Dec. 2016

Huge fireball offshore

Fireball seen from Oslo.
Fireball seen from Oslo. Photo / Video: Norwegian meteor network / Harestua Solar Observatory

The time 5:15 this morning December 6th lit the sky up all over southern Norway, also where it was overcast, when a huge fireball went over the Norwegian Sea southern west of Sogn og Fjordane. Meteor camera in Oslo 500 km from showing that it was visible throughout 12 seconds and that it exploded several times. It has entered the witness observations from both western and eastern Norway, which says that fireball split into several parts.

Map: The predicted path is marked with a white arrow
Map: The predicted path is marked with a white arrow

Fireball are also registered by the Norwegian meteor network cameras Harestua and Gran. It was not directly visible from our other cameras, but the sky could be seen to be illuminated as far south as to Kristiansand. Because our three stations registered fireballs, so fireballs in nearly the same direction, it is difficult to calculate precisely the path if it does not enter pictures or videos from other parts of the country. Small adjustments down to a tenth of a degree from these stations can move off several mil. But it seems certain that the fireball went far out to sea and that any fallen meteorites have been lost.

meteor norway

According to TV2 was almost as bright as a day in a few seconds as a result of the explosion.
Ronny Tertnes has set up a camera that films the sky all day. He captured the explosion that lit the sky on 5:15 on Monday night.
– People who saw the explosion says that it fell more pieces, says Tertnes TV2.

Video from

Meteor over the Norwegian coast. ufospace

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