Large fireball filmed over Russia 6 December 2016

A huge fireball (meteor) is reported to have lit up the sky above Hakasia region, Siberia

siberia meteor

In the Republic of Khakassia, was recorded, the fall of a large space object. Bright flash exactly at 18:35, the witness saw returning from work on the car on the federal highway M-54, driving up to this time to the village Podsinee Altai region republic.

Most likely it came from a meteor stream Geminid

Geminids – one of the strongest meteor showers. In 2011, he gave a splash to 200 meteors per hour, which is 2 times more than the traditional August Perseids. Often there are bright meteors and fireballs.

The peak of December 14, 2016, will be visible only large meteors, because the moon light.

Khakassia on the world map

 After the meteor above Russia December 6, station monitoring the meteors in Norway recorded the burning of a large meteor over the sea, off the coast of Norway.

Videos from witnesses of meteor in Russia December 6, 2016.

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