Huge Saucer Shaped UFO Crosses Moon Live Stream on 3 Dec 2016

Published on Dec 3, 2016 by P&K SpaceImaging
ufo on moon
Space object


While starting off our live moon streams for the month, This UFO was decided to make its way across our line of sight. Is it a satellite? Is it a Balloon? We have no idea…. yet. The investigation continues…
18:05 Mark In The Original Moon Stream:

Source video

First, the object is clearly to be away, but not enough to believe that this is the lunar orbit. Comparing the size of the object and the moon on the background can come to the conclusion that the object is close enough to Earth.
This is most likely the orbital object.

moon ufo
Comparing the size of the object and the moon on the background

Secondly, it is not a bird or insect or even bat.

Borders, outlines the object, not blurred, if such it was an insect, it would look like a blurred orb, due to further focus of the telescope.

нло луна ufo
Antennas exiting from the satellite.

If you look in slow motion video, we can see two thin rod coming out of the object.

In the photo above, I outlined the boundaries of these rods. I think this is a radio antenna, and the object is a satellite.

If you are viewing this article via your smartphone, then you will not see the details. It is necessary to view the video on a large PC screen.

Here is an example of the satellite
Here is an example of the satellite with antennas.

The astronomer who owns the video, said that, while shooting video at the moment and the place did not have the appearance of the satellite. According to the monitoring program.

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