Horned people the secrets of the origin of hybrids

In 1995, in the Gobi Desert in the ruins of a Bronze Age settlement, archaeologists found an amazing human skulls – with horns!
It turns out that in ancient times there was the kind of people with a particular form of the skull.

Who are they, horned – the descendants of aliens, an unknown branch of Homo sapiens or a mutant?

Horned people
Even today, a lot of people with horns, they usually are Asians from China and Russia.

In 1970, the scientific community has been excited about another discovery – French archaeologists on the border of ancient Thrace, Gaul and found a human skull with horns. Horns on the skull are of an elongated shape and are directed upward on both sides of the ear shells. It has been identified and the age of the finds – V-VI century AD.

Many of the ancients believed that the power and fertility are concentrated in the horns. Maybe that’s why so much of divine worship surrounded rams and bulls. Many nations horn – a real or made of gold – was a holy vessel is used during religious ceremonies.

When Alexander the Great was proclaimed son of Zeus, he ordered that from now on all coins with his image had horns. In the iconography of the head of Moses was often decorated with horns. Many lords attached to helmets horns as a symbol of power

Dancehall artist Furtyle Brain got real goat horns implanted into his head so he can stand out and hopefully become more famous. The 29-year-old, whose real name is Kenardo André Robinson, said the implants were done in Jamaica by a Canadian-based surgeon.

The Jamaican artist

Saleh Talib Saleh

Saleh Talib Saleh used to have repeated dreams about growing horns on his head, until one day, at 78 years of age, his recurring dream became a reality. The old Yemenite entered the attention of the media, in 2007, when he was 102 years old. That’s when he told the Yemen Observer the story of his condition. Saleh said he had no idea how why the horn began to grow, but believed it was a gift from Allah.

According to doctors from a specialized hospital, the man’s horn was caused by multiplying layers of hardened skin, on his head.
The “unicorn lady” with a 5-inch horn

Chinese doctors are baffled by a bizarre, five-inch growth on an elderly woman’s head.

It all started when ‘Unicorn Woman’ Liang Xiuzhen developed a mole on her head about seven or eight years ago. “My mother complained about this mole-like growth on her head that itched all the time,” said her son Wang Chaojun. “We found ways to cure her itch using traditional Chinese medicine, and then left it be.”

87-year-old Liang’s photographs are now all over the internet, and doctors are clueless about what to do with her grotesque horn.

A man from Ziyuan, southern China has grown a bizarre horn on his head measuring three inches—and it’s still growing. Huang Yuanfan, 84, said the odd growth started two years ago as a small bump but continued to grow. He said, “I tried picking at it and even filing it, but nothing changed. The horn just kept getting bigger.”
One of the most spectacular cases of human cutaneous horns involves the 69-year-old woman in the photos above.

Though details on her case are sketchy, it is known that she tolerated the 17 cm long horn growing from the center of her forehead for approximately 20 years before having it surgically removed.


許多國家的號角 – 一個真實的或由金 – 是一個神聖的船隻在宗教儀式中使用。

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