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Giants On Record by author Greg Little

Giants On Record

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Jim and Hugh have put together what is by far the best compilation of everything that is known about the reports of “giant” skeletons recovered in America from the 1700s to the late 1900s. They included a thoughtful summary of the influence of hoaxed reports and exaggerations that have clouded our modern view of these anomalous finds and what is left is a mystery. You won’t find any wild or utterly fantastic claims in it. The unvarnished truth is that many huge human skeletons were genuinely found in mounds, stone chambers, and what are thought to be Native American grave sites. These cluster around a range of 7 to 8 feet in eight, but there are credible reports of far larger ones. The book is well illustrated and contains excellent sections from Ross Hamilton. Unlike Dewhurst’s awful hodgepodge of of newspaper clippings (many of which were repeated), Giants on Record is a well organized, logical, and thoroughly researched book.” – Dr. Greg Little, author of Path of Souls: The Native American Death Journey and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Indian Mounds & Earthworks.

Greg Little, Hugh Newman and Lora Little at Origins Conference 2016, London.
5-star revie from US

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Also, if you do not really like to read, you can see the scientific documentary miniseries: Search for the Lost Giants

But some reviews about the movies is not very comforting, I have not looked.

A book of giants; tales of very tall men of myth, legends, history, and science
by Lanier, Henry Wysham, Published in 1922

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Also it can be downloaded free of charge.

A book of giants

Very large collection of myths about everything that is connected with the giants.

Megalithomania Interview with Jim Vieira: Giants on Record in North America