Drones based on Intel technology, and magical world

Innovative technologies Intel Shooting Star drones have opened new opportunities for traditional light show in the World leisure center, Walt Disney in Florida.

intel flying drones

night drone show
For the first time in the US light show will be held with the participation of 300 drones simultaneously create different shapes in the sky. Flying robots recreate vivid images in the sky, accompanied by the traditional holiday music.

The company Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, in collaboration with Intel has created a light show in which Intel Shooting Star drones simultaneously lined up in the sky, creating different images.

In Germany, the Intel Corporation has introduced the show by launching a fleet of drones 500 Shooting Star October 7, 2016. This performance was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as “The largest number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the same time in the air.”

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“Drones Intel Shooting Star made of plastic foam and flexible,” – says Natalie Chun (Natalie Cheung), the business director of the light show using drones of the UAV Group units by Intel. –

Their weight is only 280 grams. The design no bolts. All propellers are protected by special cells. They are safe, reliable and easy to operate. ”

Chun explained that specialized drones quadrocopters easily programmed for any animation and controlled from a single computer.

A drone fleet can light up the sky thanks to its equipment, which allows you to create more than 4 billion color combinations.


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