Closeup meteor over Costa Rica

Event was captured by the National University’s Volcanology and Seismology Research Institute’s camera  on December 27, 2016.

Many have decided that it was a meteor fireball.

But in reality it is an illusion, all due to the fact that it is a fragment of a very long period of time, accelerated many times.

Trajectories from horizon to horizon in a straight line, the trajectory of the air free transport.

not a fireball
The fireball traveled across the top of the Turrialba Volcano at 10:22pm

I believe that it was a plane because of the exposure of night camera that made photos at intervals, so the plane’s tail visible.

Trail in the sky from the photo-exposure of the aircraft mistaken for a meteor.

The object was filmed over the volcano Turrialba .
You can follow any responses to observe the rapid movement of ash from the crater of the volcano, it confirms that this accelerated video or photos taken at intervals.


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