Can the aurora make a sound?

Photographer Oliver Wright sends this report from inside the Arctic Circle: “On Christmas Night 2016, I was standing beneath an intense display of auroras in Abisko, Sweden, when I heard something that sounded like Star Wars blasters.”


Could the strange sounds to be associated with the aurora? Of course not.

Could the strange sounds to be associated with the aurora? Of course not.

Aurora occurs at very high altitudes of about 100 km.

The air at this altitude is very rarefied. Even theoretically sound does not reach the earth from such a height.


Oliver Wright is a veteran tour guide working for Lights over Lapland, and he has heard these sounds before–”three times in total. Each time I was standing near power lines.” He recalls a particularly intense outburst of “blaster fire” during the powerful St. Patrick’s Day Storm of March 2015. In each case, guests and/or friends heard the sounds as well.

Most likely it is just a hoax, these sounds can emit high-voltage lines.
At the photographer had the opportunity to make a video on his camera for a few thousand dollars, but the video is not recorded, this is it a hoax or a fantasy of people who attribute the strange sounds are celestial phenomena.

Most likely source of sound are some objects on the surface of the earth.

Sound comes out of the stone crystal structures, such as dolmens and menhirs.

Such ancient buildings set in Scandinavia, very much.

The ancient buildings were conductors of different types of energy for all the planet.

Energy processes in crystals can cause the sounds of different frequencies.


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