Blizzard USA East

Residents in North Dakota were expecting some cold weather but Lauren Otradovec didn’t plan on this.

She could only stand back and watch as a companion left the house and braved the elements. Credit: Lauren Otradovec

Snowed in Residents Brave Icy Conditions storyfulviral

Jordan, NY Lake Effect Snow Storm


Footage of car in ditch after sliding off slick snow-covered road and assistance from police officer with heavy snow falling in Jordan, NY. Shots of heavy lake effect snow falling in Jordan, NY coating cars, roads, and houses creating dangerous driving conditions. Shots of Christmas Tree farm with snow falling. Coldest air of the season is moving over the Great Lakes creating heavy lake effect snow bands to develop.

All footage shot in Jordan, NY during morning and afternoon daylight on December 9, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Sylvan Beach, NY Ground Blizzard & Timelapse Lake Effect Snow Storm

Ground blizzard conditions in Sylvan Beach, NY as heavy lake effect snow bands move over the area. Timelapse sequences of heavy snow squalls moving over Lake Oneida.


Paw Paw, MI Heavy Lake Effect Snow Storm

Heavy lake-effect snow squalls in/around the Paw Paw, Michigan area.

Oswego County & Pulaski, NY Overnight Lake Effect – 12Dec. 2016

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