Ancient Weapons of the Gods or Yakut “boilers” in Russia

Spheres of energy or beam weapons
Ancient technical installations left the Giants

Ancient Weapons of the Gods film  below

Russian central Siberia, district Viluy river.

yakutia russia

The mysterious area called: Yakut boylers or Death Valley

The area, in which constantly occur abnormal phenomena, such as the UFO phenomenon.

I’ll start with the historical fact that in this valley in the past been found very old giant metal structures.

For all characteristics, such artifacts are not created the modern civilization.

The first mention of Death Valley date from the mid 19th century.

First we heard about it from Richard Karlovich Maak, years of life (1825-1886), naturalist, educator and researcher.


In Yakutia Maak was from 1853 to 1855 and carried out research in the basins of rivers Viluy, Olekma and Chong.

Richard Karlovich Maak studied topography, geology, as well as acquainted with the peoples inhabiting this region.

Video from expeditions to mysterious zone

According to eyewitnesses people day and night was observed in the area Unidentified Flying Objects.

UFO is described as spherical luminous objects.

Most often, this spherical luminous objects, you can say for sure that this is not the technical facilities of the solid matter, it is energetic sphere of light.

These spheres were flying in all directions, appeared in the sky, or taking off from the ground or flying out of the luminous energy domes at the surface.

According to the description of contemporary witnesses, metallic structures, leaving its base deep underground, have exaggerated the electromagnetic field and radiation.


Many of them, over the centuries have completely sunk into the ground, most likely it could happen under their own weight.


Although I suppose that such metallic structures, somehow can come out of the ground and sink into the ground.

In the early twentieth century, a researcher of ancient cultures Nikolai Arkhipov also gave information about these strange objects:

Among the population of the river basin Viluy, there is a legend about the presence in the upper reaches of the river, of the huge bronze boilers – «olguy» – (a large boiler).

The legend is deserves attention, as these prospective areas of the mythical boilers, timed several rivers with the Yakut name – Olguydah, which means “where there are boilers.”

Locals claim of opening spherical covers boilers, once in a hundred years, from the boiler are emitted fiery sphere and light pillars directed by demon Wat Tong Usumu Duuray.

It is up to the local population, Richard Karlovich, heard the mysterious legend of the huge boilers of unknown solid material, buried in the ground.

Once on land adjacent to the river Viluy, Tungus tribes lived.

One night, people Tungus, awakened by a terrible roar.

Sky closed the bright glow, and the earth trembled.

Heavenly fire was burning for several hours, and then it was replaced by a gray haze.

Mist enveloped everything around, and when dispersed, the people saw a huge dark structure of the round form, aspiring to the sky.

From the structure, periodically came rasping sounds.

Over time, they became more and fainter and fainter, and the structure itself was reduced in size.

After a few years, it all disappeared from the field of view of the people. Several hunters decided to investigate a mysterious place.

They have gone, but they were never seen again.

It took many decades, before other tribes have ventured to appear on the mysterious land.

They saw a young forest, and towered circular building with a domed roof through the trees.

In it there were no windows, no doors.

Around there is another dome-shaped structure, but much smaller.

These strange constructions does not manifest itself. Only with time, they are more and more left in the ground.

It took another ten years, and the tallest building has almost disappeared in the ground. People were able to climb onto his roof and saw a round hole with a ladder leading down.

A few brave men came down on it, and ended up in the spacious underground rooms. They consisted of a variety of rooms connected to each other by corridors.


They were very warm. The people – Evenki think that they can live here during the cold winters.

But their hopes were dashed. Several months passed, and all the hunters who visited underground, died from unknown disease in Death Valley of Yakutia.

Yakut boiler satellite image

Images that are currently visible on the screen, this data with the relief terrain scanners, three-dimensional image format from NASA Lidar.

3d yakutia viluy river
On the left vertical scale shows the elevation and the lower horizontal bar shows the scale of the map.


Such military technology, the United States used to study distant planets, even archaeologists rent from the military, such scanners to detect hidden structures.

The technology is based on a laser, beam scanning of the earth, the exclusivity of this technology is that the scanner penetrates the trees and other vegetation to the surface.

So archaeologists find the hidden jungle temples in Asia, and any other anomalies of an artificial origin of landscape in the world.

Resolution of free images available to me by satellite, does not allow me to consider in detail the objects that are only a few meters in diameter, but the scanner detected abnormal variations of height, on certain of the crater-shaped mounds scanner shows strong differences of height up to tens of meters.

Whether it is a scanner beam from the satellite, fell into a well, a place with a void, these zones are marked among other hills the color corresponding to the height at a given scale.

Perhaps this in some way, from the satellite scanner came across voids or small holes that are difficult to explain the natural origin.

Maybe it’s “Yakut ancient boilers” if you use a more detailed scanner, it is possible to detect their detailed structure, hidden in the forest.

As the scanner found strange straight lines, like cuts are, suddenly starting and ending abruptly.

According to legend, fireballs not only uproot trees, and rammed through rocks and mountains, and in this way could form these strange structures like geoglyphs lines.

It is also reported that these boilers are made from an unknown metal that can not be scratched or break off a piece.

To summarize, we can conclude that it is certain objects created by a technologically advanced civilization.

It’s not just pieces of metal – it is certain mechanisms.

Returning to the subject of UFOs and UFO in this case is closely linked to these “metal boilers.”

If you disassemble the stories of witnesses who observed the explosion in Tunguska it is found that when into the atmosphere over Tunguska entered a certain celestial body, and rushed to the ground, towards the space aliens, flew a few fireballs from the ground.

1908 Mystery in Tunguska, Russia.



This is very similar to the flight of fiery plasma spheres in Death Valley.

The Tunguska event
The Tunguska event was a large explosion that occurred near the Stony Tunguska River, in Yeniseysk Governorate


When plasma orbs collided with an object in the sky over the Tunguska explosion occurred with greatly high power.

Ancient weapons are capable of destroying hostile UFO
The explosion of a giant UFO

This suggests that these metal boilers and plasma sphere, departing from them, this special kind of weapon.

I suppose that this could be a weapon which I call the “FACHE” energy frequency weapons left for the descendants of the ancient civilization of people giants.

This weapon FACHE rays can not only destroy the falling to the ground large asteroids, and modern technology of our century.

The human body, which contains energy components or genetic and biological markers of aliens who dominate on earth.


That such people falling under the radiation emanating from the Yakut boilers can get sick or die.

Rays come from the ancient buildings with a certain periodicity. When the energy of Yakutia boilers intersects with the energy of people infected by aliens, by scanning the human biological field, energy FACHE finds and destroys dangerous objects, such as energetic entities, demons, saying, in other words, the aliens located in other dimensions of space and energy.

If the body is infected with a bio-engineering nano robots of aliens, a person has cancer or cerebrovascular accidents.


If the human body is pure and biological field, its various spheres stacked clean by nanites, the presence in the beam energy Fache for such a body is painless and the man is saturated with great force, that is, as it absorbs the energy of radiation Fache being in the area indefinitely.


So the Russian Space Agency informs about failures in the electronics space vehicles and ships that fly over the area in Siberia. I think that the malfunctions of space launch and machines, causing a mysterious energy radiation coming from the ancient megalithic structures on the land and energy spheres, departing from “Yakut boilers.”


So the Russian Space Agency informs about failures in the electronics space vehicles and ships that fly over the area in Siberia. I think that the malfunctions of space launch and machines, causing a mysterious energy radiation coming from the ancient megalithic structures on the land and energy spheres, emitted from “Yakut boilers.”


As inside the building, stairs and rooms located, adapted to the height of a man, I can assume that it was a command center, and the ancient mechanism was air defense weapons.

Something like defense that we have in service today.

Only instead of missiles of this ancient weapon, flying out plasma spherical objects, or simply light pillars, resembling modern lasers.

But weapons have not functioned as a modern technique. Inside the structure was never found mechanisms resembling current technology.


Except for one detail, a hunter found a thin body, dressed in iron suits, and they had one eye.


Perhaps it could be some robots on the similarity of those that people are inventing today, or it was the body of the ancient people, dressed in something similar to modern protective suits like astronauts.


Readings of the old hunter – Evenkia, which, visited the Valley of Death.


Said that in the area between the rivers Nyurgun Bootur (meaning “glorious warrior”) and Ataradak (meaning “very big three-edged iron burg”) was a metal hole, in which are frozen right through “very thin, black-eyed men in iron garments.”


Not far from the valley of death is no less mysterious construction, which you can still see.


And this place is called “Patom crater.” Or Patomskiy crater.

Also known as “Kolpakov cone” is a peculiar rock formation located in a remote area in the Irkutsk region of southeastern Siberia, 360 kilometres (220 mi) from the district center Bodaibo.

Demonstration in miniature, how could form Patom crater

It is a large mound made of shattered limestone blocks, rising from dense taiga. Its base diameter is about 160 metres (520 ft) and a height of about 40 metres (130 ft); the cone’s crown is ring-shaped, and in its center there is a smaller mound with a height of about 12 metres (39 ft). The volume of the crater is estimated as 230,000–250,000 cubic metres (8,100,000–8,800,000 cu ft), with a weight of about one million tons.


Patomskiy crater was discovered in 1949 by Russian geologist Vadim Kolpakov.

It was formed about a few centuries ago.

This construction is not of natural origin; it is clearly artificial construction.

The object is made of stone blocks weighing several tons each. Ancient people could not build it. This is not an impact crater from a meteorite, meteorites leave large recesses in the ground. This structure is composed of the millions of blocks.

Among the local population is called “fire eagle nest”

Could this mean that here, people have seen UFOs in the form of plasma glowing spheres?

Of course they could.

The film about the expedition to the crater 2010


Patom crater, its form is similar to metal objects in Death Valley of Yakutia

Perhaps this stone structure was created by the ancient techniques using energy influence. Exposure to particular frequency of thought forms.

In other words everything from atoms to larger blocks start to interact with the environment on a particular scheme of physics.

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