Christmas photographic excursion to the Helmo!

Sunset Christmas eve in Helmo


The Chelmos is a favorite destination for astrophotography, at least, as it is one of the most ideal (in the opinion of the γραφόντος, and possibly the best, judging from αστροφωτογραφίες other excellent αστροφωτογράφων in Europe) in parts of Europe, from many points of view! Already have we honoured several times (see photos from this summer here, here and here), and it was reasonable to want to see the magic that it offers the night sky there in the Winter.

Of course, to rise above 2 km in the winter, and she wants to do a highly demanding task, such as astrophotography, you need the conditions to be ideal (and of course the parties have and year). This happened on the eve of Christmas, so the weather provided for cloudless, the humidity was low and the wind was marginally possible but with voltage dimming. Also, the layered snow was not enough to prevent us to go up as the shelter (about 2150 m). However, it took chains, a great deal of attention and respect during the ascent, while we attempted to shovel fresh volumes of snow that were above, but concluded that it would be wiser to stay in the shelter. As far as the weather forecast, it all happened as planned, although the wind take long to fade, so it allowed us to do everything we would like. The temperature was negative, day and night, so we had a total frost. At night, the temperature was stable at -6 and with gusts of the order of 50-60 km/h we arrive at a wind chill of around -18 to -20, which is no joke. The mountain in the winter, even in sunny days, it’s not a trip routine and of course he wants the necessary equipment and the proper preparation.

Moving on to the photos. This picture we saw in the morning at the shelter. The snow was tragically a little for this time of year, although the December temperature rolling smoothly after many years.

Here the partner (astro)photographer and very good friend George Τζεβελέκος! Photos from the excellent job of the, you can find the page on facebook and on 500px!

More images from the area around…

H the base of the ski centre of Kalavryta, from high.

Looking north…

Panoramic to the north…

Evening photos, just before sunset. The palette of Nature is inexhaustible, with countless shades of blue.

Sunset with a eye-catching and beautiful Green Flash at the top of the solar disk!

The incredible colors of the sunset on the partially snow-covered, christmas Helmo. From the times when the photos can not convey all the magic…

Orion as seen from Helmos. The heavenly scenery is breathtaking. And again the photo does not convey all the magic. Rarely will someone have the opportunity in life to see this spectacle. The piercing cold was worth it and it was a shame the wind didn’t let us do more.

And here in version map with the names of the main stars and nebulae…

The dawn of Christmas, as we returned, we found the Kalavryta frozen to -7 degrees. Source Athens Astrophotography & Storm Chasing Team

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