A feast of visual atmospheric phenomena…

at Least 5 optical atmospheric phenomena appeared in the sky of Attica today from midday! This contributed to the layer of παγοκρυστάλλων within the sparse cloud covering the celestial dome today. Some of these phenomena are relatively rare with an incidence of approximately 1 year.

Specifically on the images below, except the classic solar halo of 22 degrees, we see at the top and an upper peripheral arc supralateral arc) which tends to circle the halos, while in halos in the upper part rests against an upper εφαπτομενικό bow (upper tangent arc). Also, over the last arc, there is a very faint bow Parry.

A little before the above, and in the afternoon, we had παρήλια

The evening παρήλια arrested and the camera of Penteli

Source Athens Astrophotography & Storm Chasing Team

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