You see strange flashes in the sky

sky light
Taken by Derrick Lim on October 29, 2016 @ Nan Province, Thailand

Often in the winter when it’s cold people notice strange flashes of light in the sky a bright white or blue tint.

Description of witness
Posted: Nov 21. 2016 Igor Kessler
At night, while on a highway in Surgut, Nefteyugansk I drove up to the intersection with the street Ostrovsky. In anticipation of resolving the traffic light, watching the bright, white flash on the car, and then, something resembling thunder (crackling high-voltage power lines). Before the frost in Surgut have observed this phenomenon.

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I believe that the explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple, it is a short circuit in the electrical networks from the formation of ice.

But some people confuse such flashes with meteors and even aliens on the UFO.

Look how bright flashes of light occur in real life, at transformers explosions and accidents on electric lines.

Severe accident at Chelyabinsk Electrical substations

electrical exploision

Link to video watch at 9:00

Electricity has such amazing power – Compilation

An explosion at a substation in Murmansk

This video is a good example of the source of flashes of people which watching, such as another witness, see below video on his 2:55 minute.

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