Winter storm: Tobolsk hotel was struck by lightning, Russia

witer lightings
Residents of the city of Tobolsk, Tyumen region of Russia, had to make an unusual picture, in a local hotel “Slavyanskaya” hit by lightning.

In the evening on November 29 in Tobolsk weather presented a surprise to residents. Around 21:00 the city collapsed with a thunderous roar rain and lightning. “Yesterday in Tobolsk was a real thunderstorm and torrential rain! One of the lightning, lightning rod has neutralized, of the hotel “Slavyanskaya”.
Lightning protection worked normally. From the guest no one noticed, “- said a resident of Alex KOLMAKOV on his page on Facebook.

In Tobolsk, Tyumen as well yesterday there is a sharp change of weather. However, it has been even sharper, as in Tobolsk thermometers showed -25 degrees on the night of 29 November. In the morning, as well in Tyumen, snowfall began.

By the evening fell to about 6 centimeters of snow – after twenty hours the temperature had risen to +2 degrees.


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