UFOs In Toronto is HOAX

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UFO in toronto screen

At first glance, the video created quite convincingly, but note the objective details.

Firstly, the video from only one witness. Just one man posted a video.

Video of “UFO sightings”

There are no other witnesses, records from surveillance cameras and dashcams.

All this in multi-million city.

for ufo hoax, LEDs
There are examples of LEDs

Secondly, it is not in the sky, witness record video through the glass.

As you can see, the lights change color to reflect in the glass using light emitting diodes capable of changing color.

The video below, there are examples of LEDs, which have been used.


5mm RGB Flash Rainbow MultiColor LED

Author of UFO hoax  used tape diodes

Digital RGB LED strip 30LEDs/m

Perhaps the author of the hoax even used computer graphics to give the video a more convincing appearance and hide the fact that this is just a reflection of the LEDs on the glass inside the darkroom.

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