UFO pulsation parallel in space

At the beginning of the video you can see objects is quite similar to the satellites.
But at 1:18 minutes, begin a very strange phenomenon.

UFO pulsation parallel in space
At the same time breaking out three points located on the same plane or parallels space in Earth orbit.

This phenomenon is very similar to UFO activity.

Assuming that they were stationary satellites, then they should have the same configuration reflecting, and solar panels, to make a maneuver in one second, which is very little probable.

Reflections of light often produce geo-stationary satellites, basically they are all located in the southern part of the sky. There is such a thing as a constellation of satellites, they are the same and move in an orbit preserving equal small distance from each other. these satellites resemble a constellation from the ground.

It is taken with a night vision device, by researcher of UFO phenomena Ufo Joe

This one is recorded In Tyresö , Sweden, Stockholm. Towards the end of September 2016

Especially for researchers who filmed the video on this phenomenon, and to ally Pasha Rad who watched something like this, at night on the other side of the globe, in Russia.

I think the light flash was caused by synchronous activity of three UFOs performing one function.


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