UFO Crash Site on Mars, 190 Meters Wide Alien Spacecraft HOAX

UFO hoaxer feeds people with a new lie

Hoaxer alias EriGia or UFOvni2012

ufovni hoax mars ufo site

Using photographs released by Nasa, YouTube channel ‘UFOvni2012’ has put together a video pointing out how a dark shape (pictured)

ufo mars fake
If we take a look at the crash site we see that the UFO, which is approximately 190 metres wides – describe hoaxer on video

That is the source of the photo NASA


 Here is the original photo

ufo mars mountain


Everything is a game of imagination, the usual rock or mountain, which is on Mars is million.

All images from the spacecraft are subjected to scrutiny for several days, no anomalies in the form of UFO or alien to them will not be shown.

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