UFO cast a shadow on the moon’s true or not

moon screen and object not a ufos
An object appears passing over the moon

The witness thought that the object might cast shadow on the moon.
He thinks that it is a UFO.

Filmed: November 13, 2016 in the US state of New York

In the first theory about UFOs on the moon immediately disproved.

If the object flew over the moon, then it would have been about the size of tens of kilometers in radius. Such an object would be seen by astronomers and the military.

When two objects move seen small fluctuations in their form, they are hard to catch since the camcorder is low frame rate per second.

It can be either a pair of birds, a couple of bats flying in the sky.

Bats is likely.

Strange shadows on the moon background, another witness from Arizona filmed something similar.