Two spherical UFO, or a cigar-shaped object with lights

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I bring a focus on this story as it happened at the same time as I watched and recorded the similar anomalies in eastern France in the Alsace region.

Two spherical UFO, or a cigar-shaped object with lights

Here is what I have written the author
Here is what have written the author

Hello, Thank you for your interest . The film was recorded by the iPhone November 9, 2011 year Woking Woking England exactly Pyle Hill 51.286431, -0568992 there are large oaks that hid me further recording. I recorded two videos and one image. The first film is one object, and then there were two who posted on you tube. Please contact a spreading first film. In the picture at a magnification you can clearly see a strange shape like a boomerang. Regards

 Those anomalies and the UFO that I recorded on video and photos view here

I will describe how it all began

UFO cigare

 At night, on a clear starry sky I noticed synchronously moving points of light.

Between them there was nothing, and looked through the stars.
They were one degree from a distance from each other.

If you draw a line between what would have been a cigar

Then this “cigar” began to make maneuvers and moving in different directions.

Then there were three more “cigar” was seen only two glowing
points which were kept at an equal distance of each other following the invisible line that would connect them both together.

Three cigar flew on different sides, they are more than I have ever seen.
The impression that they are hanging on the earth’s orbit.

But the first object and left after a few maneuvers took the geo stationary orbit.

He moved in parallel with the stars, and no one noticed the UFO glowing objects.

The next day he began to appear together with the stars at sunset and was visible before dawn. That was in August 2011.

I watched these lights in the sky every night for a month until I got tired of it.

Sometimes watching I noticed as the subject moves in the sky and changed his position.

Towards the objects in the sky beneath them were the mountains, after the appearance of these lights in the sky, on the tops of the mountains were observed anomalous phenomenon, orange and white plasma orbs of about 100 meters in diameter flew over the mountain peaks.

UFOs appeared over the city.
Last time I saw these two lights in the sky in 2012.

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